Assessing the Primary Objectives of Psychotherapy

Individuals considering undertaking psychotherapy sessions oftentimes experience intense emotional pain and at times even practical or physical or practical distress. What they require first is finding comfort and relief. Melbourne psychology practitioners can for instance help out clients in achieving the three primary goals of psychotherapy, namely regaining authenticity, experiential freedom and better human relationships.


People with feelings of authenticity generally reflect their inner desires, feelings and values. Hiding anger deep inside in exchange for appearing pleasant to deal with makes someone feel inauthentic. Acting cheerful and confident within while feeling incapable, bad and worthless inside means someone is inauthentic and unreal to oneself. This can be contrasted to the satisfaction which parents feel when making authentic gestures of love to their children.

Freedom to Experience

The fact that rigid patterns of thought and behavior could have been developed is one of the most striking effects of having negative experiences of the past and the need of finding ways of coping with them. Individuals will generally repeat actions and remain in situations which they are aware of how to handle even when these are not beneficial for them and better options are available. Traumatic psychological injury leads to rigid responses from the affected individuals.

An abused child could seek out a partner who is abusive upon becoming an adult as an example of being confident to deal with incidents of violence and capriciousness. Such a situation is linked to feelings of authenticity in several ways. Someone feels authenticated to remain within a threatening relationship if having a negative vision of one-self. People with low self-esteem for example feel rather uncomfortable when they find themselves in good situations and end up sabotaging them.

Changing how one views oneself eventually provides a way out of this inverted sense of being. Staying within a positive and supportive environment shifts the dynamics creating an inside-out change and influencing the negative self-view. Melbourne psychology professionals can provide psychotherapy services targeting this goal. This is where inner self gets revealed leading the counselee to a safe conversation with truth about the negative self-view being questioned.

Better Relationships with Others

Relationships may feel unsafe if an original injury to one’s personality resulted from a particular behavior, abuse, neglect and even abandonment of others. Therapy can prove a safe haven, providing a base for attempting new and less self-protective ways of relating with other people. A good Melbourne psychology therapist is among the professionals capable of providing encouragement and support to someone in need of attaining better relationships with others. The psychologist can help you experiment with new and courageous ways of handling people and develop different associated strengths and skills.

A majority of individuals end up liking their sessions of therapy even if they might not have preferred them at first. Finding some space to be accepted as you are, where you can talk about yourself, whether about your dreams, troubles, hopes and other aspects of life, is significant to any person. It offers the opportunity of filling a deep human need of having someone to walk side by side with you for some time, while keeping you safe in the middle of struggling to change yourself.

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