Cummings Manookian PLC: Why Get a Lawyer from the Law Firm

Filing an accident claim is not an incident that people excitedly choose. Such occurrences occur when no one expects them. Car accidents cause damage to the involved vehicles and injuries to the accident victims. Time has come for people to know the rights they have when they are involved in a car accident. As a car accident victim, you have the right to file a claim and get compensated. However, such matters are difficult to handle without a competent lawyer on your side. Although your friends and relatives could help you get a good car accident lawyer, it is more effective if you get a lawyer from the Cummings Manookian PLC law firm. Here is why you need a lawyer when you get involved in a car accident:

Complying with some legal rules is hard

Don’t think you would just proceed to sue a negligent driver immediately after the accident. There are legal rules you are first expected to comply with before you can sue the person or party responsible for the accident. The law provides a specific period within which you should file a police notice or police report. Attorneys who have handled car accident injury cases for a long time are familiar with the rules that the car accident victims should follow. Without a competent lawyer from a Nashville motorcycle accident law firm, it is easier to jeopardize your rights.

Some potential damages are hard to understand

Most car accident victims only mind about the injured areas without bearing in mind other unidentified injuries. Although some body areas may not sustain injuries and pain at that very moment, it is good to go for a thorough medical checkup. You should not get a lawyer from the Cummings Manookian PLC law firm to recover your medical bills alone, but also the emotional distress, suffering, pain and lost wages. Potential legal rights to recovery are many and diverse, but it is hard to know them without the help of an experienced lawyer.

Settlement options differ

The main reason the car accident victims file claims with the help of their lawyers is to get compensated. They want the matter settled in their favor to recover from the damages and injuries they have sustained. However, ways to settle accident claims in court vary depending on the offer the defendant’s insurance is presenting. At this point, your lawyer helps you to know the offer to accept and the implications of each offer. Furthermore, the truck accident attorney may help you know whether settling is the most appropriate option to take.

Avoid financial loss

Some car accident victims treat hiring a lawyer as an expense. They assume they can represent their cases in court on their own and get what they want. Without the help of a Nashville trial attorney, you are likely to sue the wrong defendant, sue for the wrong damages or even sue at the wrong time. Moreover, you could present incorrect information in an improper manner. All this may turn the case against you and have hefty court fines to pay.

However minor a car accident case may look, it is always wise to give it a professional legal approach. Let the experienced lawyers you get from your preferred law firms or even from the Cummings Manookian PLC law firm advise you on how the case should proceed. The compensation you could get may be a lot more than the money you use with the lawyers.


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