Five Effective Therapeutic Techniques Used by Counsellors and Psychologists

Are you having irrational thoughts that you struggle to keep off your mind? Feeling a bit unlike yourself? Have you had any emotional breakdowns lately? If the answer to these three questions is “yes”, then you should give a licenced counsellor Sydney clients recommend a call. They will guide you in undergoing therapy methods that require you to be proactive in change.

The power of psychological therapy

Therapy that is meant to relieve psychological distress is used on clients who are struggling with their behaviour, feelings, emotions, and thinking. These aspects affect the mental health of an individual, that they may be diagnosed with psychological disorders and create a bad impact on their quality of life. To prevent these disorders from developing, a counsellor Sydney psychologist clinics have is willing to help.

Psychological therapy involves catharsis to help individuals let go of strong emotions, leaving them more aware of their thoughts and feelings. It is so powerful that you would begin to realise that you can be in control of your life and the choices you can make with a high level of awareness. Even though you are experiencing a sort of psychological distress, counsellors strive hard to determine its cause and help you with ways to cope up with your problem.

Therapeutic techniques used by counsellors and psychologists

So, what happens in therapy? Does the counsellor Sydney has for you have to do all the work? Are the methods non-invasive? There are many therapeutic techniques used by modern psychologists today, and the most popular ones are:

  1. Dream analysis – Also called “dream interpretation”, this Freudian technique is used to determine repressed feelings, thoughts, and emotions that have manifested themselves into dream symbols that may be associated with psychological distress. The client will be asked of a dream they find threatening, and the counsellor or psychologist interprets it.
  1. Word association – Also a Freudian technique, this is utilised in knowing the client’s thoughts, feelings, and emotions. You are asked to say a word pertaining to a certain word given by the counsellor. It is spontaneous. The counsellor determines when you will stop associating the words if they have a concrete idea about your thoughts, feelings, and emotions.
  1. Active imagination – Also known as “free imagination”, this Jungian technique allows you to say their thoughts about a certain picture, video, or drawing. The counsellor listens to what you have to say to find out their problems buried inside your thoughts.
  1. Empathic listening – The counsellor practices active listening to get to know you better and the underlying issues that you struggle with. The counsellors also portray empathy, not judgment, to establish unconditional positive regard to you as the patient.
  1. Self-regulation – This a Bandurian technique that aims to let you control your emotions as well as your decision-making abilities after you discover what gives you psychological distress.

A counsellor who you can trust

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