Proven Tips on Making Your Dorm Room Feel Like Home

College life is hard. Keeping up with your lessons and maintaining high grades can be mentally draining. But, your performance in school doesn’t entirely depend on your participation in class. What you do after class is a major factor in your learning. Click here at student accommodation central.


While student accommodation Central Brisbane learners live in typically has essential pieces of furniture that make student life easier, such as desks, cabinets, and shelves, after months of study, the space would feel dull, and you’ll want to spend most of your study time in the library.

Don’t let this happen! Make your student accommodation room the best place to be amidst the challenges college life can bring. Here are some tips that you can pick up:

Bedroom comfort

Student accommodation Central Brisbane students use often provide a mattress in the package. But, the mattress may not be as comfortable as you prefer. If you think its softness is not comfortable enough for sleep, it would be best if you replace it with a new one.

Proper rest is not just the length of sleep, but it is also the quality of sleep. Uncomfortable mattresses can affect your sleep and affect your performance in school.

Once you’ve figured out the best mattress, choose your bedsheet. First, the bedsheet must feel good in the skin. Second, the cloth must be breathable, which means that it releases moisture. And lastly, choose a neutral design. Don’t select gaudy designs.

Choose neutral tones with simplistic designs. Soft colours are better because it’s relaxing to the eye. And of course, choose soft pillows.

Aromatherapy for your room

Are you familiar with air diffuses and humidifiers? If yes, buying one can help improve your room’s mood. You can choose aromatic essential oils that can promote relaxation and focus.

If you’re living in a purpose built student accommodation, consider the size of your room. A car diffuser or humidifier will suffice for a small room. But, you’ll need to buy a home diffuser for larger accommodation spaces.

Decorate, decorate, decorate

After a long day at school, seeing your room must make you feel good. That’s why you need to decorate every dull part of it.

Be careful about decorating. Most student accommodation Central Brisbane students live in disallow the use of nails or glues on walls. It would be best if you use wall-safe adhesive. Beside your bed, you can place fairy lights that would look dreamy at night. Check Student One for more details.

Aside from that, you can put on some artwork on the wall and plants, like succulents. For the floor, you can throw down some carpets. However, if you’re living with someone, you might want to consider their preferences too before you start decorating.

On your desk, a small plant on the side will do. If the desk is facing the wall, you may put a small whiteboard for reminders. Don’t forget motivational quotes to encourage you in studying. You may even put pictures of your family or your dog.

Using a Central studios student accommodation must not be a negative factor that affects your studies. Make the room yours by decorating it and making a relaxing place where you study and rest.

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