Your Online Primer on Pilates and Its Overall Health Benefits

You might’ve heard your friends about their Pilates sessions. They might’ve convinced you to go with them. However, you’re still unsure about Pilates and how it can help your overall health.

But don’t worry anymore. Pilates can impact your health in many ways. In fact, physical therapists use clinical Pilates to treat not only specific conditions but improve general health as well.

That’s why you should brush off the doubt and enrol in a Pilates class now.

A brief history

In the early twentieth century, Joseph Pilates developed a fitness method called “Contrology”.

Joseph developed this method after he had tried different physical fitness practices in Germany during his time.

He practised this method during the aftermath of the first world war. With a few of his fellow internees in the internment camp, Joseph conducted his first few classes with simple equipment.

Later on, Joseph designed more equipment that aids in his fitness system of Contrology. As the practice evolved, he wrote two books about Contrology and physiologists adapted the Pilates method in rehabilitation today.

Principles of Pilates

The main focus of Pilates is the connection between physical well-being and mental concentration. That is true as well when physiotherapists conduct Pilates sessions to improve a person’s physical fitness and mental outlook in life. Check it out at Propel Physiotherapy

Though there are different Pilates methods today, all of these variations roots back to its fundamental principles:

  • Breathing. It is an important Pilates method of cleansing and invigoration. Joseph Pilates himself emphasised the importance of breathing in his book. That’s why most Pilates classes today start with breathing exercises before other physical activities.
  • Concentration. Pilates needs extreme focus. If a sports physio Moonee Ponds therapist will conduct Pilates classes, you’ll notice that being focused is more important than performing the exercises.
  • Control. This principle is the Pilates’ highlight. The fitness exercises of Pilates aims to put the muscles in control of bodily movement and to enhance its coordination with the mind.

Benefits of Pilates

Musculoskeletal physiotherapist Moonee Ponds clinics who apply the Pilates method emphasise that Pilates has proven health benefits for people with injuries.

Though physiotherapy patients require specialised treatment, the principles of Pilates remains in the exercises conducted by physiotherapists.

Below are the benefits of clinical Pilates for those in need of rehabilitative treatment:

  1. It improves stability, especially in the damaged areas.
  2. It strengthens the muscles affected because of the injury.
  3. It restores musculoskeletal control in areas gravely affected by the injury.
  4. It enhances flexibility and mobility.

Key takeaways

The Pilates method is a versatile fitness method in many aspects. If you want to increase focus, Pilates classes can help you improve mental concentration through physical exercises.

In fact, if you Google physio near me, physiotherapists are offering Pilates rehabilitation services for people who want to regain bodily control, increase muscle strength, and correct posture.

But ultimately, Pilates aims to reconnect the mind and the body. Therapists out there expect that students will regain full bodily control after mastering and applying the beliefs and system of the Pilates method.

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