Your Simplified Bin Buying Guide

At a quick glance, recycling bins may just look like other containers.

However, when choosing recycling bins or green bins for sale, there are several factors that you need to consider.

Without looking more closely at some of the specific qualities of your recycling bins, you might end up choosing a bin that does not suit your needs at all.

Here is a simplified guide when looking for recycling bins.

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  1. The Material

Recycling bins are primarily made of metal, plastic or concrete. Each has its own strength and weaknesses.


Meta includes steel, stainless steel and aluminum can materials. Metal bins are mainly used in healthcare facilities as well as in malls and public areas. The metal green bins for sale are built for medium to light use.

They have a stylish and clean appearance, super easy to clean and are fire-safe, especially the steel varieties. However, metal recycling bins tend to show wear faster.


Plastic bins include materials like polyethylene and resin. The modern plastic wheelie bins for sale are not generally affected by weather, making them a great option for outdoors.

Also, they are malleable with dents popping out and are fairly resistant to scratches. They make a durable option and suitable for heavy use. The only downside would be that you have to exchange its superb function with design and style.


For the ultimate durability, concrete recycling bins are the answer. These are not affected by harsh weather and can be used as a barricade. Their durability means that they are suitable for medium to extremely heavy use. However, they can be quite difficult to move and can be hard to clean.

  1. The Capacity

Capacity is another main factor you need to consider when choosing a recycling bin. Most Australian households are now equipped with wheelie bins— typically 120L or 240L in size— and sometimes both.

So how do you determine the right capacity for your home?

Choosing a 240L wheelie bin for sale and filling it up every week, then you’re generating at least 30L of waste per day. If you are emptying your kitchen bin every 2 – 3 days, then you will need something that can accommodate 40 – 50L of waste.

However, if you fill a 120L bin or a half 240L wheelie bin every week, then you’re generating at least 10 – 15L of waste every day. And if you empty your bin every couple of days, then you will need a 20-30L bin.


  • 50L + is suitable for larger families (3 or more members) creating a lot of waste or do not want to empty their recycling bin too often.
  • 40L – 50L is suitable for families (2 – 4 members).
  • 30L – 40L is suitable for small households (1 – 3 members) generating little waste or like to empty their bin more frequently.
  • 15L – 30L is suitable for small households (1 – 2 members).
  1. The Shape

The shape of the refuse bins for sale that you are eyeing will determine how you’ll use it as well as the capacity. Not only that, but the shape of the bin can also help you match the style of the area or add a visual appeal.


These are medical and commercial recycling bins. With its square shape, they can be easily tucked into a corner, holding as much or even more than the similarly-sized round bins since they maximize space.


Round bins are more versatile in where they can be placed. You can put them in the centre of an area, moved around an open area and more. These bins are suitable if you need to frequently change the location and still allow good blending.


These are the bins with unusual shapes such as hexagon and oval. They are ideal to be the star of a room and not to be pushed into a corner. In addition, their shape makes them a nice and attractive addition to any place with most of them having sleek and shiny exteriors.

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